How to Build a Human set to broadcast this Saturday 29th October at 9pm.

Little Gem’s latest documentary “How to Build a Human” airs this Saturday 29th October at 9pm on Channel 4.

Gemma Chan, the star of critically acclaimed Humans, will explore the frontiers of cutting edge research into Artificial Intelligence and builds and AI version of herself in this exploration of cutting edge technology.  Chan asks if the future depicted in the C4 drama ‘Humans’, in which she plays a ‘synth’ is just around the corner, or is already here?

How to Build a Human was commissioned by Specialist Factual Commissioner Sara Ramsden. The 1X60’ documentary will TX later this month, it will be made by Little Gem(Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis), executive produced by Ben Gale, line produced by Emily Wood and directed by Stephen Mizelas.

Tom Porter, Acting Commissioning Editor, Science, says; “This film pushes the boundaries of what is possible using the technology that is increasingly influential in our lives. Gemma brings a unique perspective to the subject and it’s incredibly exciting for us to have her at the heart of this ground-breaking project.”