BBC 3's Truth or Mare returns

Our brand new series of online platforms Truth Or Mare? with Antonella launched on 29th January.

A series of 10 x 3 minute shorts - you can watch them only on both Facebook and YouTube.  Each short sees Antonella confront some of the baffling and unbelieve lifestyle questions thrown up by headlines, like ‘Does Drinking Coffee Give You Acne? to ‘Will Eating a Banana Before Bedtime Help You Sleep after browsing on your phone?’ using her common sense, life experience and uncensored honest opinion.

Her entertaining and down-to-earth answers to these questions include one – or more – funny must-see moments that make these punchy nuggets of content eminently shareable.

No matter what the claim, Antonella is using her 43 years of full-bodied life experience to give her unique, witty insight on the headlines we don’t know whether to believe or not, with a big dose of Northern charm and realism.

Watch the latest videos here: