Never Seen A Doctor

Across the UK there are people who don’t ever see a doctor, a dentist or a surgeon, but desperately need to. In ‘Never Seen A Doctor’, Katie Piper travels the length and breadth of the UK, to meet those people who’ve spent years ignoring their condition and encourages them to take control of their own lives for the better.

The series lifts the lid on those who’ve spent years neglecting themselves, be it through fear or financial worries and following their journeys as they undertake dramatic transformations. From curing chronic acne to turning extreme dental disasters into a perfect smile Katie discovers the damage we can do to our bodies by shying away from medical maintenance and finds out what can be done to help.

With all manner of medical mishaps and dental disasters hiding behind the nation’s doors, all of them share the simple truth that they should have seen a doctor, should have seen a dentist. 


Little Gem would like to thank the following surgeons for their support in filming the series.


Episode 1 - Janice and Greg - Dental

Dr Farib Monibi – Dentist

76 Harley Street


Episode 1 - Joanne - Psoriasis

NHS Lanarkshire – Dermatology


Episode 1 - Scott – Hair Transplant

Dr Bessam Farjo – Hair Surgeon


Episode 1 - Stan – Rhinophyma

Mr Frank Conroy – Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Episode 2 - Sue – Dental

Dawood and Tanner


Episode 2 - Lily – Bell’s Palsy

Mr Dan Morris – Consultant Ophthalmologist /


Episode 2 - Joshua – Burns Scarring

Dr Tapan Patel – Cosmetic Doctor


Episode 2 - Dave – Venous Malformation

Mr Tobian Muir – Consultant Plastic Surgeon


Episode 2 - Robin – Varicose Veins

Professor Mark Whiteley – Consultant vascular Surgeon


Episode 3 - Ben – Dental

Dr Farib Monibi – Dentist  

Katie Peck – Nutritional Consultant


Episode 3 - Hayley – Acne

Dr Anton Alexandroff


Episode 3 - Derek – Pannus Removal and Weight Loss Surgery

Mr Ahmed Ahmed – Consultant Bariatric Surgeon


Episode 3 - Nicky – Bionic Hand

The London Prosthetic Centre / Steeper


Episode 3 - Matt - Gynaecomastia

Ms Angelica Kavouni – Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon