Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis

Chris and Xand Van Tulleken - doctors, part-time aid workers and twin brothers - want to see for themselves what conditions are like for migrants fleeing through Europe at the height of winter.

In a humanitarian crisis of staggering proportions, Europe is receiving more migrants than at any time since the Second World War. More than a million migrants arrived in Europe last year, with thousands making the perilous crossing to Greece by boat each day.

Over two weeks in early January, Chris and Xand travelled to Lesbos in Greece, through the Balkans and on to Berlin and Calais to understand what’s being done on a medical and humanitarian level in response to the current refugee crisis.

Spending time with medics, charities and volunteers in camps and clinics, at border crossings and transit points, they wanted to find out what the situation is like on the ground and, wherever possible, lend a hand during the biggest migration crisis of our times.



Presented by
Dr Xand van Tulleken
Dr Chris van Tulleken

Executive Producers
Natasha Bondy
Ben Gale

Ashok Prasad
James Routh

Assistant Producers
Tammy Hale
Tomiko Newson

katie brewer-frankl

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Simon Onwurah

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Smitha Kalkuzhi

UK Transmission
2016 - BBC One

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ITV Studios